Alachua 2024 Proposal

Henderson Auctions’ mission is to maximize profitability for its clients via implementing innovative and aggressive marketing plans for the sale of the equipment and assets. Recognizing that each client is unique, Henderson Auctions custom tailors each marketing plan to meet the client’s objectives. In doing so, Henderson Auction’s has become a leader in providing the highest quality liquidation services available in the international marketplace. Marketing/Advertising

Trucking 2023 Auction Budget Advertisers | Digital and Print Auction Resource | Eblast | $795

Full Color Ads in Client Related Publications Sample - Asphalt Magazine Full Page Ad

Auction Resource | Website Listing | $99 My Little Salesman - Social Post | $800 My Little Salesman - Website Listings | $350 Oiltizer $500 eblast | $1000 Construction Equipment Guide | Eblast 60k $675.00 Construction Equipment Guide | FB post $600 | Equipment Listings Rock & Dirt | Social Post $1100 Rock & Dirt E-Blast - 30k names $2000 Trucker to Trucker - Listings, Eblast | $1250 Contractor's Hotline eblast 20k, Digital Ads $2500

Access Truck 150K Eblast | $1000 Access Truck Social Posts | $1100 LA Sportsman E-Blast | $2500 Newswire Press Release

Equipment Trader | Equipment/Truck Listings AMERICAN TRUCKER Social Posts | $2750 Next Truck - E-Blast | $2000 Next Truck Social Media Post | $1000 Truck n Trailer Magazine, Full Page Ad 9.125 x 11.65, Banners | $1100

8 Page Full Color Brochure Henderson Auctions 65,000+ In House Email List. E-Blast Artwork & Web Banners

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Geo Targeting - Feathr & Google Consignment push only - GOOGLE Feathr Ads - Geotargeting System including Geographical, Historic Time Stamps, Keywords, etc… Radio, Newspapers and Other Advertisers Auction Zip - List Auction LPA Louisiana Press ( Multilisting Newspapers) In House 2500 Subscriber Text Msg Alerts - Auction Reminder In-House List | Henderson E-Blast List | 65k Subscribers InfoUSA - email list purchase

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