10-30-2021 Collector Motor Series Buyer's Guide

Autos | Pick-Ups | Page 16

Lot 45 1964 VOLKSWAGEN BUG | This 1964 bug was purchased brand new by the consignor’s parents in 1964. In 1980 it was given to the consignor, his daughters learned to drive in it and used it through high school. This beautiful car has 119,000 original miles and has been restored to concourse condition. It has every available VW option from 1964 as originally purchased. This vehicle comes with the original factory roof rack, a car cover, front color matched bra, original owners manuals, and service record book. VIN# B5807015

Lot 46 1940 GRAHAM HOLLYWOOD | Here is one very cool looking car! By 1940 the Graham-Paige Company of Detroit was near bankruptcy. As a final hope to increase sales, Graham purchased the body dies from the defunct Cord automobile company which were originally designed for the 810/812 series Cords by Gordon Buehrig. The result was a new model called the Hollywood which was made in limited numbers in late 1940 and 1941. The car is a great pleasure to drive. It starts easily, shifts smoothly and has the power of a V8 with the supercharged straight 6.

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